About Ramble Canada

On May 20, 2014, Sarah McCauley and Oskar Nowicki set out on a journey to walk from Inuvik, NT to St. John’s, NL. After reaching Regina, SK, and spending the winter in Edmonton, AB, Oskar was unfortunately unable to continue the journey. Then, on April 1, Sarah set out again with new rambler Dan Nicksy to finish off the trek.

We walked the entire distance (see our modified plan for Ontario here), save for 5 ferry crossings we took to complete the route: two crossings that were completed in the Northwest Territories, and three to go on the East coast. We were mostly following the Trans Canada Trail as we walked, stopping in towns along the way to resupply with food and gear. We camped in our trusty TGV 2 tent, which is very sturdy and weather-proof, and surprisingly cozy.

Part of the reason for this trek was to scratch our itch for adventure, but another part of it was to take the chance to explore this massive country first-hand and get intimate with the vast array of climates and terrains that make up Canada, and to experience the different wildlife, weather, lifestyles, and history that we’d only ever heard about or seen in books or on television. We were also hoping that other Canadians who learn about our journey will be inspired to get out more on trails like the TCT and gain a deeper appreciation of nature.

This was the blog we kept to give everyone updates on the trip, keep tabs on our location, see our journal entries, and look at the photos we’d posted!

Although the trip is finished, we hope you enjoy looking through the photos and reading about our journey of a lifetime!



Sarah McCauley and Dan Nicksy


83 thoughts on “About Ramble Canada

  1. Hi Dan&Sarah!We Were Very Happy To Accomodate You Both In Petit Rocher North NB.We Both Enjoyed You Greatly.Love Betty&Jean-Guy XOX…

  2. Hi Dan & Sarah hope you’re ok It’s amazing what you have accomplich so far. When we saw you in Baker Lake there was something nice about you guys a glow of happiness that I will always remember keep spreading happiness al over Canada our beautiful country. Louise & Léo and my brother Philippe Landry.

  3. So happy to welcome you to Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island! Enjoy the next two weeks exploring our beautiful province. It was really nice to be a small part of your adventure. Safe travels on the rest of your amazing journey.
    Shelley & Ted

  4. Sarah and Dan, we just chatted briefly along the highway outside of Antigonish, NS. Wow–what an adventure you are on! Congrats too! Again, please come and stay with us as guests of St Francis Xavier University, a place where everyone is welcome! Drop into Xavier Hall, Advancement Dept. Murray

  5. Hi guys!
    Just checking in to see how your day went on the road to Iona! It was wonderful to meet you both:). You have definitely inspired me to add a similar tour to my bucket list (don’t know about all the walking, but something close)!
    Take care:)
    Heather (Port Hastings po)

    • Hi Heather! We ended up having a great day. We’re glad you’re inspired to go exploring; one of the reasons for the trip was to inspire other people to get out and appreciate all the mind-blowing beauty that Canada has to offer. We’re so lucky to call it home!
      Thanks for all the help at the post office- it’s great to have our new shoes!

  6. Hi Sarah and Dan, my brother who was cycling from St. John’s to somewhere in cape Breton ran into you recently. He may have mentioned to you that one of his brothers, me, was about to arrive in St. John’s after an 8000km Trekk from Victoria bc. Where are you now? You may text or call me @ 306-380-1542.

  7. We told you about the Christmas Island Post Office didn’t we? Hoping you don’t need your wooly’s yet. We are happy to have meet you and learn of your experiences walking. Looks like you are making good progress.

    • We stopped in at the Christmas Island PO on our second last day in Nova Scotia! Mailed a post card home from there.
      Thank you again for all your hospitality. It was great to meet you all. Give Gilbert an ear scratch for us! We hope you are all healthy and happy.

  8. We were so blessed that you two knocked on our door in Dunville, Newfoundland. It was an absolute pleasure having you stay for two nights, and we so loved hearing about your amazing trip. We wish you could have stayed longer, but alas, the open road was calling. I felt like I was watching my own two children walk away when we left you on Wednesday…..and oh how I worried about you both when the rain came and the temperature dipped at night. But my niece saw you walking through Conception Bay South on Friday, so she called to tell me you were doing ok. Hope you enjoy lots of Newfoundland hospitality, and don’t forget to eat a “bed lunch” every night while you are on our wonderful island…..it’s a tradition!!! lol. God bless you both, and thanks so much for enriching our lives with your visit.

  9. Hola Sarah & Dan! It was great meeting you at Gros Morne in Newfoundland. Thank you very much for all those tips and places to visit among Canada, it will be definetly helpfull on my cross country road trip!
    Take care and hasta la próxima!

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