About Ramble Canada

On May 20, 2014, Sarah McCauley and Oskar Nowicki set out on a journey to walk from Inuvik, NT to St. John’s, NL. After reaching Regina, SK, and spending the winter in Edmonton, AB, Oskar was unfortunately unable to continue the journey. Then, on April 1, Sarah set out again with new rambler Dan Nicksy to finish off the trek.

We walked the entire distance (see our modified plan for Ontario here), save for 5 ferry crossings we took to complete the route: two crossings that were completed in the Northwest Territories, and three to go on the East coast. We were mostly following the Trans Canada Trail as we walked, stopping in towns along the way to resupply with food and gear. We camped in our trusty TGV 2 tent, which is very sturdy and weather-proof, and surprisingly cozy.

Part of the reason for this trek was to scratch our itch for adventure, but another part of it was to take the chance to explore this massive country first-hand and get intimate with the vast array of climates and terrains that make up Canada, and to experience the different wildlife, weather, lifestyles, and history that we’d only ever heard about or seen in books or on television. We were also hoping that other Canadians who learn about our journey will be inspired to get out more on trails like the TCT and gain a deeper appreciation of nature.

This was the blog we kept to give everyone updates on the trip, keep tabs on our location, see our journal entries, and look at the photos we’d posted!

Although the trip is finished, we hope you enjoy looking through the photos and reading about our journey of a lifetime!



Sarah McCauley and Dan Nicksy


83 thoughts on “About Ramble Canada

  1. Hi Sarah, I would love to get a link to this blog so I can follow you on your journey. Ms Decker, your Grade three teacher
    PS. I still have the story that you wrote me for my Christmss present.

    • Hi Ms. Decker! It’s great to hear from you! There is a grey button near the bottom of our blog page that says “follow”. If you click on that, it should notify you any time we post or make a change to the blog.

  2. What a wonderful experience the two of you will have, and be able to create memories that last a lifetime!! I am very excited for you both. Travel safe & take care. You have the right idea – live life like it is meant to be lived!! Debbie xoxo

  3. Way to be Sarah and Oskar, love your sense of adventure going out on your journey, may it be all you expect and more, thank you for including me Caryl, love your family, xoxo

  4. I am pretty sure I left a comment here here way back in Jan/Feb!!!!! Anyway, I can’t believe in a little over one month, the two of you will be on your way! So very cool 🙂 I wish you all the best and look forward to ready all about your progress ❤

  5. Hey stranger,
    This is just spectacular! Safe travels and good luck!
    We are planning a cycling trip across the country and everything you have been posting is super helpful.


  6. I am sure there will be no sleeping tonight!
    Have a wonderful time and enjoy every moment. I will check in on your mother Sarah;)

    • Thanks Donna! I really don’t know how much sleep either of us will be getting…. And I would appreciate you checking in on my mom every now and again; I think this entire thing might be tougher for her than it is for me! 😉

  7. Awesome Journy perhaps we can meet up. I’ve already walked the 16,500km across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail from St a Johns Nl to Victoria BC, and now I’m on my way to Inuvik NWT with only 3300km to go. If you plan to hike the TCT to St Johns I can offer invaluable advice as the prairies will be your biggest challenge. Where do you expect to be in Winter because I can help with that as well? Have a great trip and I hope we can meet up. Have a glorious day indeed.

    • That would be great if we met up! We’re planning on being in Ontario in the winter, because that’s where we’re from and we’re used to camping in the winter there. We’re really hoping to be past the prairies by the time winter hits. I hope your trip up the Dempster is a safe one. The bears our out in full force here, so keep your wits about you!

  8. Very nice to meet you today! Hopefully we will see you on our way to Dawson City. Safe travels!

  9. Oz, this looks really amazing. One of those things u can tell grandkids about and that truly leaves a mark in someone’s memory. I’m sure nature there is amazing and there loads to see.

    Hope what u guys are doing inspires more people to undertake similar initiatives and start such healthy adventurous trends.

  10. Sarah and Oskar, we the Daniel Family are so proud of you two, out in the world on foot, being so in touch with nature and living life. Praying for you two to have the time of your life! Gail Daniel, also Cam Welsh send his very best to your guys and when you return we know a very good massage therapist. Love you both, hugs.

  11. When you are in the prairies, if you are close to Ponoka Alberta, we will have a warm bed and hot shower for you! Safe travels!

  12. I just love what you’re doing…wonderful adventure. My husband and I are seniors and hike as much as we can but this would be the ultimate for us. Wishing the best and looking forward to your blog

  13. We live in rural PEI, about an hour east of Charlottetown in Murray Harbour, and would love to welcome you into our home for a home cooked meal, hot shower and a good nights sleep in a comfortable bed, when you are passing through this way. My cousins daughter and her boyfriend biked from Quebec City to St. John’s last summer and enjoyed every minute of their adventure. We wish you safe travels and a journey of a life time, and hope to have the honour of meeting you both when you pass through our beautiful piece of paradise.

  14. Hi Sarah and Oskar,
    For me, it always was a dream to sometime walk the TCT. You two will be walking where I will not be able to go anymore. But, I will be following your footsteps and I will be able to share in your adventure by reading your blog. Good luck, be safe, and foremost, enjoy the natural beauty of this country and this incredible experience!

  15. Oskar & Sarah:
    Our hearts follow you all the time. Take care of yourself each moment of your journey. We wish you a safe and fulfilling trip. We miss you. We would like to read what Oskar feels and how he enjoys the trip.
    With love,
    Andrew, Ela, Helena

    • We’ve been taking good care, especially because it has been hot lately. I keep asking Oskar if he wants to make a post, but it’s difficult because we are so short on internet time when we get any, so we usually just end up copying my journal down!
      Thanks for the trail mix a few weeks ago- it was just what we needed to get to Watson Lake!

  16. Oskar and Sarah,
    We met in Mayo a few days ago. I am very impressed with your courage and strength. To have made it this far through such a challenging environment is in itself an accomplishment to be proud of. I look forward to watching your progress as you fulfil your journey of body and mind. What wonderful experiences lie before you.


  17. Sarah & Oskar: Glad we met on the Alaska Hwy today. All set for you at Rancheria.I admire and envy you.Wish you all the best on the rest of your walk. Tom.

  18. Hi Sarah & Oskar: We have been following your trip from the start. We can identify every step you take because we have travelled it 4 times. Be sure and have a soak in the layered river hot springs, it will fix Oskar’s soar leg. Also look for our sign at Watson Lake. Love Grandma and Grandpa McCauley.

  19. Sarah and Oskar, Thanks so much for the woodwork help. The house looks great.. happy to have you here. good luck going up Steamboat. Hope the weather holds We should see you again about Fort Nelson. We will be there on the 27th..- 29th. Barry and Susan

    • Thank YOU for having us, Barry and Susan! We were so happy to help, and very lucky to have met you. Might miss you in Fort Nelson though, we’ve gone on a bit of a detour. We’ll just have to catch you next time we’re in the Yukon. Call us when you need that roof done!

  20. Sarah and Oskar, we LOVED having you stop by the Dawson Creek Visitor Center today and share your story and time with us. It’s wonderful what you are doing, good luck with the rest of your trip!

  21. After our chat in Applebee’s, I passed on your blog to others in the dojo. I have been watching periodically to see where you are. Good luck from Brampton, it looks like the adventure of several lifetimes!

    • Thank you so much for doing that, Darryl! I still think about you guys often. Please say hi to everyone at the dojo for me. And you’re right- we’re not even a quarter of the way there and it’s already been an adventure and a half!

  22. Hi Sara and Oskar, so proud of you guys and all you are doing, when you are out there you are really out there, I saw your mom Sara a couple of weeks ago at church she filled me on your walk and the adventure you guys are having, way to live, so proud of you both! Stay well and go at God’s speed.

  23. We follow your adventure and we are happy that you enjoy it. We miss you and wait for you. Kisses and huggs. tata, Ela, Babcia i mama.

  24. Hey Sarah and Oskar…. haven’t heard from you in a while. Also, haven’t had an “spot” notification lately either. Everything okay? Now I’m worried :/

  25. Hi Sarah, it’s your ex-lockermate. Glad you dropped by today and hope to see you again before you start on your new adventure. Take pics — I’ll be lurking/stalking, lol.

  26. Thanks for the note you guys left in the hostel! It was great meeting you both, although I had no idea you guys were *walking* your travel plans, I am now unbelievably awed and impressed.
    Best of luck and I look forward to reading your updates!

  27. Hi Sarah & Dan
    We went looking for you tonight bringing with us hot chocolate, blueberry muffins, Aussie Bites and Chocolate Coconut Almonds. You were nowhere to be found so we are hoping you were invited to a nice warm and snuggly home for the night. We were so sad to have missed you. Big hugs n’ Kisses, safe travels and keep those little angels on your shoulders.

  28. Hi Dan and Sarah,
    Wanted to let you know that the maple syrup season is going well at Stumble Inn Too! Last week we could see the grass but now coated with 10 new inches of snow in the bush. Spring is late this year!
    We also started our first batch of dehydrating food for Moose the dog. Can you remind us how many days the batch (13 cans ) should be sealed up in…..
    Stay safe,
    Rambler Mom Darcy

  29. Hi Dan & Sarah:
    had dinner with your folks Dan on Friday and learned of your quest. Have a safe journey. We will follow with interest.
    Margot and John

  30. We heard about this couple travelling on foot across Canada from the Yukon. It was a nice surprise to see you stop in next door from The Citizen newspaper today. Looking forward to having our reporter do a story with the two of you and hear all about your travels. Thanks!

  31. Hi guys…..it was great meeting you…and chatting.
    Good luck on your journey….and stay safe.
    Look foward to your pictures.

    Jay Corston

  32. Good day Sarah and Dan, my partner wendy and I (Dave) heard about you walking across Canada and are currently driving through Ontario. We are just leaving kenora and heading in your direction and hoping we could meet up. Let us know where we could meet up and if you need anything.
    Talk soon,
    Backpacking Yuppies

    • I’m sorry we missed you! It sounds like it would have been great to meet up and swap tales. I don’t suppose you’re around Manitoulin Island at this point. If you’re hanging around Southern Ontario, we’ll be starting out on the Bruce Trail soon & perhaps we could meet up then!

  33. Hi guys.
    We (four, ( let’s say older folks, Rita, Eric, Ruth & me Peter) met you on Crane Lake Rd on the Bruce Peninsula just as you two had waded through a long wide puddle while we, on the other end, were just contemplating how deep it might be. We admired your determination and thought about you day by day. Our offer of a break from the trail and a shower and clean sheets etc. still stands when you’re anywhere near Burlington/Hamilton. You have my contact info.

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