Walk Progress

Current city: St. John’s, NL
Final checkpoint: St. John’s, NL (!)

The walk is complete! We finished the journey on September 16, 2016.

To see our specific walk progress, click on this link. We will update our location with our Spot Tracker at least once a week, so check back often!


16 thoughts on “Walk Progress

  1. I follow you from Poland. I read your journal. I am so happy you met so many nice people in Inuvik. I wish you all the best. Love, Elizabeth

  2. If you like, I can set a reminder on my computer and take screen shots of your SPOT progress once a week if you like. Then I can drop them into a google drive link for you two. That is about the only work around I can think off. The nice thing is once you are done, you can plug the coordinates from each day into google and have an overlay. Time consuming, but it would build an entire picture.


    • You guys at Mountain Obsession really are the best! A friend of mine is already going to do something similar, so we don’t want to trouble you with taking screenshots. Thanks so much for your offer, though. And thanks again for the Chilkoots! Stay safe up on the mountains.

  3. Yikes! Hard to follow you, at least for me. I thought you were still by the edge of Lac Laberge, but I saw a note that you are (or were?) in Whitehorse. We are pulling for you. Rick Czapelka sent me the link. Keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Hey guys, glad you made it to Watson Lake. Hope you enjoyed your little care package by the way.

    Spotwalla is your friend as far as keeping track of you longer than Spot itself. If you click Our Location on our site, you can see what it looks like. You do have to create an account but it’s free, then you create a trip and it tracks for the duration of the trip (however long you set). Feel free to email me if you have any problems or questions about it though.

    Have a great (and safe) time, we’ll be following you guys.

    Mark & Lori

    • Thanks, Karen! We’re in a GIANT city right now (81 000 people!!!), and will be here for a few days, so I will have fairly reliable internet access. I’ll get in touch with him soon.

    • Hi Donna! We’re also very happy you collected us… we had a great time in Whiteshell, even though the weather was less than agreeable. It was a beautiful hike! The fires actually didn’t affect us too badly, either, so not to worry! 🙂

  5. Sarah and Dan arrived safely in Newfoundland, they spent Monday and Tuesday at our house before setting off for St. John’s on Wed. Sept 15th. My niece saw them in Conception Bay South on Friday, so they are making great progress!!

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