Thank you!

We have had the fortune to meet so many wonderful people on our journey, many of whom have shown us extreme generosity, and we would like to thank them here.

Frankie Charlie
Noella & Roland
The Martin family
Hans from Inuvik
Doris & her family
The Candy Man!
Fidel the arctic chiwawa & his 4 people
Carol & Jim
Mountain Obsession
Brandi, Thunder & Jet!
Everyone at the Dawson City visitor center
Dawn at the Dempster visitor center
The couple from Saskatoon we met at Gravel Lake
Sylvia & Berwyn
The Lazar family
David & Evelyn
Tom from Whitehorse
Peter & Nicki from Austria
Lori & Mark for their timely courier service
Button from Watson Lake
Barry & Susan
Alex & Rhonda
The Steblin family
Joan & Harvey
Dusty from the Salvation Army
The Salvation Army in general (really- these people are amazing)
Brenda, John, Lilly & Bruce
Jack Weichel
Steven from St. Peter’s Colony
The family from Lajord (you know who you are!)
Sharon & Jaques
Robert & Shayla
The Kish family
Doug & Baxter
Mark Cowan
Lynn Garvey
The Moosomin Town Office folks!
Jim & his cats
Sarah in Miniota
Harvey in Oak River
Irene & Dennis Magwood
Debbie Unger
Robert & Heather
Monica & Rob
Tom & Judy Breckman
Ray & Donna Warenko
Craig Bryant, Rob Rheault, & Emma
Tanya Mcculloch
Sue MacDonald
Jess, Paul, Kate, Andrew & Rena
Philippe Landry
Francis LeCocq
Betty & Jean-Guy Boudreau
New Brunswick people in general
Shelley & Ted Tremere
Gary & Paula Drake
The Lees family
Rob & Elena
Tommy, Stella & Sam
Murray Kyte
Anne-Marie & Lucy
Michele Sparling
Art, Gwen & Muffie
Joan & Ray Meaney (who are not at all mean!)


One thought on “Thank you!

  1. Hi Guys, so sorry i never got back to you and we did not forget you, we are in this hateful dirty province of Sask. since Nov. and we will be returning to NS the end of May we do not like it here so we are going to be returning home so lucky i only signed the lease for 6 months i am about 80% packed now, i am going to be an expert at packing maybe i can get a job with Allied van lines LOL. Muffie is not liking this place either she can’t go out by herself, not much snow here but it was so cold here for about a month i never moved outside the door only thing we rented an apt. and it was nice and warm. Art is doing good his hip is all healed and feels good without the pain. Well i will keep in touch, hope you are both back to work now and planning your future, hope you have a start on your house, got to go get a few things done. bye for now. God Bless Gwen, Art, & Muffie

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